Provistore Limited


Provistore Limited

Our Principles

Provistore Limited has enacted discipline in all our endeavours, hence irrespective of rank, once under the tutelage of Provistore Limited it’s a responsibility to embody and demonstrate the principles of Provistore Limited. The Provistore Limited Principles describe how Provistore Limited conducts business and prioritise its customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Provistore Limited has made the customer the centre of all our operations and are therefore committed to guaranteeing the customer’s peak satisfaction in all our endeavours by providing them with quality products and services.


Provistore Limited personnel are disciplined enough to listen attentively, pay attention to details and respect our customers. We work vigorously to earn the trust of our customers and to keep that trust.


Provistore Limited personnel are incorruptible, we act on our words with a zero-tolerance policy on compromise.


We strive to make our service as simple as possible so customers will go through the least stress to achieve their goal when dealing with us.

Persistent on Higher Standard

Provistore Limited is committed to raising the standards of high school education and the standards of living in the lives of students when in school. We are always looking at ways to
maximize their comfort away from home


Provistore Limited understands the challenges that comes with growing as a company and is dedicated to embracing the responsibilities with continual improvement to better the services to meet the growing brand and service capacity.