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Provistore Limited Privacy Policy

Customer privacy is a major priority at Provistore Limited. When a customer uses the services of Provistore Limited, they’re entrusting into our hands their valuable information. Provistore Limited understands how big a responsibility this is and are devoted to protecting them while we give you utmost control over its management.

Provistore Limited’s purpose is to provide comfortable service to our customers. Therefore, Provistore Limited will only collect customer information and use that information for that purpose.

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information Provistore Limited collects when you use our services, why we collect this information and how best you can manage, update and delete your information.

Provistore Limited has a number of different services designed to help the vast majority of high school students meet their consumable demands tirelessly on a regular basis and in our quest to make life comfortable for our customers we may collect different information at different times when customers use any of our services. 

These services include:

  • Provistore Limited E-commerce Platform for Retail and shopping.
  • Provistore Limited Delivery service.
  • Provistore Limited Branding service.
The Information Provistore Limited Collects from Customers

It’s the duty of Provistore Limited to make our customers understand the types of information Provistore Limited collect as you use the various Provistore Limited services, how and when this information is collected and for what purpose it is to serve.

When a customer creates a Provistore Limited account, The customer provides with Provistore Limited their personal information that includes;

  • Customer’s name
  •  location
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Mobile Money Number.
  • school information et al.

Provistore Limited collects information about your activities on the Provistore Limited platform, which we use to do things like recommend other products you might like.

The activity information we collect may include but not limited to:

  • Items you search for
  • Purchase activity
  • Ads you mostly respond to, positively or negatively.

Some information is also automatically collected on the website when a customer is signed in, they include;

  • The type of device or browser a customer signed in with
  • The customer’s IP addresses
  • IMEI of the device a customer signs in with.

We collect information about your location when you use the Provistore Limited Delivery service, which helps us offer features like provide Ads based on your geographical location and also what people within that location usually shop for.
Provistore Limited collects this information to provide better services to all Provistore Limited Customers. This information Provistore Limited collects aids in figuring out stuff like which beverage you like the most to more complex stuff like which area you reside and hence which ads you will find most useful. The information Provistore Limited collects, and how that information is used, depends on how you use our services.

When a customer is not signed unto the Provistore Limited platform, their information collected by Provistore Limited is safely kept until their return.
When a customer is signed in unto the Provistore Limited platform, Provistore Limited collects information that we store with your Provistore Limited Account. This information is updated as part of a customer’s personal information.

Why Provistore Limited Collects Data

The information that Provistore Limited collects from customers when using the services of Provistore Limited are for the following purposes:

  • Provide services to our customers
    Provistore Limited uses the customer’s information to deliver services to them, like collecting your home address in order to deliver purchased goods from Provistore Limited to your home and processing the items your search for in order to provide you with the most appropriate ads.
  • Communicate with Our Customers
    Provistore Limited uses information like customers email address we collect to interact with customers directly on matters such as informing customers about upcoming changes or improvements to Provistore Limited services and solving reported issues customers might be facing.
  • Protect Provistore Limited & Stakeholders
    Provistore Limited uses customers information to help ensure and improve the safety and reliability of Provistore Limited services. This includes detecting, informing and preventing of fraudulent activities and security issues that could harm Provistore Limited and our customers
  • Conduct Analysis & Measure Performance
    Provistore Limited uses customers information for management and analytics to understand how our services are used. Provistore Limited also uses information about customer interaction with advertisements on the Provistore Limited platform to inform advertisers about the performance of their ad campaigns.
  • Maintain & Improve Provistore Limited Services
    We also use your information to ensure our services are working as intended, such as troubleshooting issues that customers report to us. This information is what is used to improve our services to our customers.
  • Introduce new Provistore Limited services
    The information that Provistore Limited collects from customers in our existing services help us introduce new Provistore Limited services. For example, understanding how people reacted to our Rookie Package informed the decision to introduce the Provistore Limited Avalanche Package.

This information we collect are what is used to customize our services for you, such as providing recommendations after selection of certain products into your cart or provide personalized ads because of your order history. A customer’s order history content may suggest what products they might like.
Provistore Limited may as well show you personalized ads based on your search history and your gender.

What Provistore Limited Will Not Do
  • Provistore Limited will not show to our customers ads based on information our delivery team collects when they do deliveries to the homes of customers such as a customer’s race, health and religion.
  • Provistore Limited will not disclose information that personally identifies a customer with advertisers, such as a customer’s name or email, telephone numbers, location et al. All personal information of customers is kept safe with Provistore Limited.

Provistore Limited will seek the consent of our customers before using their information for a purpose not covered in this Privacy Policy.


It’s in the greatest interest of Provistore Limited to explain things as clearly as possible to our customers, therefore if any customer has any concern about the Provistore Limited Privacy Policy, Please Contact us.